Gun power supply, high-voltage power supply, a ion gun power supply, an X ray and a custom-made power supply are to FUTEX of high-voltage power supply and equipment of electronic applications.

Our electron gun power supply, high-voltage power supply, and custom-made power supply correspond to the addition or change of the function according to each customer's application. In addition to the products introduced here, it may be possible to support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any request.

High voltage connection system   (High voltage connector and receptacle)

Custom-made high voltage connection system up to 200kV. The know-how based on experience, such as providing an electric field relaxation ring, is applied to the connector of high voltage plug and high voltage receptacle in order to prevent the trouble by high electric field beforehand. We will manufacture the optimum HV connection system according to the customer's requirements such as the number of electrodes and voltage.

Remote controller(HVRMT-I、HVRMT-E)

This remote controller has been designed for only IB303 or FE303 as an option. There are HVRMT-I for ion beam gun and HVRMT-E for electron beam gun It is possible to be configured with high voltage power supply.


This software has been designed for only IB303 or FE303 series power supply. This software can set up output voltage externally from PC and make the sequential output voltage control including filament current. This software GUI can be modified base on the order configuration.

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