Gun power supply, high-voltage power supply, a ion gun power supply, an X ray and a custom-made power supply are to FUTEX of high-voltage power supply and equipment of electronic applications.

Power supply for electron gun
Power supply for FIB
Power supply for X-ray tube
High speed high voltage amplifier
Power supply based on custom require
Other products related to power supply
Multipurpose high voltage power supply
High voltage isolated DC-DC convertor

The isolation concept of our high voltage power supply.

NO SF6 gas used in our ultra-high stability high voltage power supply.
Environmental design and manufacture are accepted. Main isolations of high voltage are the air that FUTEX has developed and are made the attentions from the world.

Many selections based on the purposes.
The power supplies have taken a lot of different kinds of the way of isolation based on voltage. Basically, the air isolation and silicone rubber isolation have been taken up to than 50kV. In case of the output voltage is needed more than 50kV, long term stability is required or the purpose preventing the micro discharge, the power supplies of FUTEX are designed based on each requirement.

The portent for air isolation was applied.
The way of manufacturing high voltage power supply with NO use of SF6 is the way FUTEX has accepted. The way is called メair isolation methodモ. Currently,

The technology in FUTEX is to develop, support and maintain the high voltage power supply for the electron beam gun, the ion beam gun and X-ray source contributing the research and the manufacture.

The high voltage power supply for the electron beam gun or ion beam gun that FUTEX has designed include not only acceleration voltage but also filament, suppressor, extract power supply. Therefore the user can get the beam using only one power supply from FUTEX. And FUTEX is a happy to get the requirements from the user to add the more power supply in the unit.

The power supplies from FUTEX have been designed as environmental power supplies.

Although the features of FUTEXユs power supplies are ultra-low ripple voltage and ultra-high stability like 2ppm as ripple noise and 5ppm as stability at acceleration voltage, such power supplies are environmental product as they do not use toxic material. The way of high voltage isolation uses only the air.
In generally, SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride gas) is used as high voltage isolation gas. However, there is so complicated procedure to refill. Because as the SF6 gas is specified global warming material, the way of collection is hard and expensive. So that the power supplies from FUTEX do not include SF6 gas until output voltage 50kV. The FUTEXヤs power supplies use only the air and silicon mold at tinny area. Also the production lines of FUTEX have never use solder with Pb (Lead) so that any user can use the power supplies from FUTEX with no attention to environment.

About SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride gas)
About SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride gas)
SF6 gas that usably is used for high voltage power supply has been well-known gas as having outstanding high voltage isolation. However, SF6 as synthesis gas which has a stability characteristic is also well-known gas as being concerned to global warming. The coefficient of global warming is 24,000 higher than CO2 and life time in atmosphere is 3,200years. In 1997, SF& has been specified greenhouse effect gas by Kyoto protocol of United Nations Framework Convention according to climatic variation therefore the way of isolating high voltage instead of SF6 is required.

High performance and environmental friendly electron gun power supply

Recently, the way of isolating the high voltage in a power supply for an electron gun and an ion gun was to use mostly high voltage isolation oil. Currently as isolation oil is getting the problems of the maintenance, so that to change isolation oil to SF6 gas or Sillicone rubber are getting popular. However FUTEX has decided to take the different way to produce the high voltage power supply which is not to use mainly SF6 giving a bad influence to global warming. The way FUTEX has chosen is to the only air and ultra-homogeneous none defect Sillicone rubber as isolation which is brand new system. FUTEX has developed the original isolation technology which is to create a unit structure to make a static field constantly. The reason FUTEX has not taken the way to use only sold mold to isolate high voltage in power supply is that the solid mold isolation has cause the problem on high resolution instruments.
FUTEX is the company to support the customers by not only the technology but also compliance management.

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