Gun power supply, high-voltage power supply, a ion gun power supply, an X ray and a custom-made power supply are to FUTEX of high-voltage power supply and equipment of electronic applications.

FUTEX we commit ourselves to protect personal information we have received.
The personal information data is processed by only specified employee. The data is saved in PC lcated in ID and password protected room.
The personal information data is processed by only the person who has been assigned as personal information manager by FUTEX.
The personal information is used for supplying service and production. Therefore only the necessary data will be in PC.
The personal information is never disclosed except the conditions such as the customer has agreed to disclose the data, the case that has being noticed based on the service contract or agreement and the case being required by law.
Although FUTEX often sends some information by e-mail to introduce products or service, FITEX stops such e-mail as soon as receiving the requirement for quit sending e-mail from the customer.
The change requirement from the customer is processed as quickly as the requirement has come up. . Also FUTEX confirms the requirement has been sent by the customer FUTEX has recognized.
FUTEX exchange the customerユs information to get the customerユs payment information and the credit information however the company FUTEX exchanges the data is Credit Information Machinery.
FUTEX takes the best to do to protect the customerユs privacy periodically and continually.

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