Gun power supply, high-voltage power supply, a ion gun power supply, an X ray and a custom-made power supply are to FUTEX of high-voltage power supply and equipment of electronic applications.

【About Us】
Company name FUTEX CO., LTD.
Address of head quarter 2-28-3 Fukujima-cho, Akishima City, Tokyo, Japan
TEL +81-42-549-2888
FAX +81-42-549-2900
Address of Factory 2
(Fussa factory)
1414-11 Kumagawa fussa-shi Tokyo Japan
TEL +81-42-513-5758
Official Web Site
Established 1978/October
Capital Capital JPY39M (Legal capital surplus JPY25M)
Number of employee 42 (2015/February)
Business outline ・Development and sell high voltage power supply for electron gun or FIB gun
・Development and sell special power supply.
・EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service) for scientific instrument (ODM: Original Design manufacture)
・EMS for semiconductor or industrial instrument
Main financial institution ・SEIBU Credit union Haijima branch
・TAMA credit union Haijima branch
・Japan Finance Corporation
・Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Fussa branch
・The Higashi-Nippon Bank Haijima branch
Board member
President & CEO Yasunari Fukuda
Managing Director Tadashi Gomi
Director Mitsuaki Kumano
Director Kyoko Fukuda
Director Takehiko Moriyama
Auditor Yaasushi Ono
Advisory Board
Keiji Tachikawa (Chairman)
1998~2004 CEO & President of NTT-DOCOMO, inc.
2004~2013 President of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)
2013~currently Chief Director of Tachikawa Technology Management Institute 
Koh Matsushita
1962~2002 Senior Managing Director of Showa Denko K.K.
2002~2003 President & CEO of Japan Polyolefins Corporation.
2004~currently Non-Executive Chairman of Olympus Capital Asia ,  
Masashi Kaneko
1962~2005 President & CEO of Nikko Cordial Corporation
2006~Currently Board of Director of Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Chairman of Board of IKKYU Co., Ltd. 
Tatsuji Kitamoto
~1996 Fuji film Co., Ltd. R&D division
1998~Currently President of POLESTAR Kitamoto Consultant Engineer office
Member of Professional Engineers Japan

View of head quarter
【Affiliated institution】
・Akishima Sciety of commerce and industory
・Tachikawa Corporate Taxpayer Association
・Tachikawa Akishima Ethics Association
・Akishima Ethics Corporate Associetion Metroporitan
・Industry Activation Association (TAMA association)
・Tokyo new business exchange group (TAMA24)
・Industrial Technology Exploitation Center ( Management Mentor Club)
・Open Innovation Forum
・Tamashin Society for the study of management
・Seibu New Leaderユs Club
・Tokyo Technical college technology informal gathering for discussion

【History of FUTEX】
1978 FUKUDA Design Inc. has been established to design and manufacture the electron equipment at Kumagawa Fussa-shi Tokyo.
1989 FUKUDA Design Inc. has been closed due to expanding the business then the fab has relocated and FUKUDA
Design Co. Ltd> has been established.
1998 Fab No2 has been opened at Minam- DenEn in Fussa-shi.
2001 Fab No2 has been expanded due to technical division has moved into Fab No2.
2003 The head quarter office has been relocated to Akishima-shi from Fussa due to business has expanded also Fab No2 has been closed. Fab No2 has marge into head quarter office.
2004 ISO3001 has authorized in July.
2006 FUKUDA Design Co. Ltd has changed name to FUTEX Co. LTD. The high voltage power supply business has started.
2014 The capital has increased to 24M Yen. (Third-party allocation of shares). Fab No2 has opened in Fussa-shi. EMS business has moved to Fab No2.
2015 The capital has increased to 39M Yen (Third-party allocation shares).
【The history of recognition or carry from public project.】
2007 FY Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry New Cooperation Countermeasure Subsidy Project
2009 FY Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry MONODUKURI Small and Medium Enterprise Trial Manufacture Subsidy Project
2009 FY Tokyo-to Countermeasure Project of Group strategy formulation support.
2009 FY Tokyo-to Finding Order Emergency Support Subsidy Project.
2010 FY Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry Strategic Basic Technology Improvement Support Project.
2011 FY Tokyo-to New Product・New Technology Development Support Project.
2012 FY Tokyo-to Adoption of Management Innovation New Plan
2014 FY Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry MONODUKURI Small and Medium Enterprise Trial Manufacture Subsidy Project
2013 FY Tokyo-to Receiving Order Type Small and Medium Enterprise Enhancement of competitiveness Support Project.
2013 FY Tokyo-to Global expansion Technology Support Project.
2013 FY Tokyo-to Facility of Private Power Generation Introduction Support Project.
2014 FY The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Local Small and Medium Enterprise Personnel Recruitment and Retention Support Project
2015 FY Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry MONODUKURI Small and Medium Enterprise Trial Manufacture Subsidy Project
2015 FY Greater Tokyo Initiative Authorization of "TAMA Brand Company"
2016 FY Tokyo-to Receiving Order Type SMEs Enhancement of competitiveness
Support Project

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