Gun power supply, high-voltage power supply, a ion gun power supply, an X ray and a custom-made power supply are to FUTEX of high-voltage power supply and equipment of electronic applications.

FUTEX is the solution company as supplying and developing the high voltage power supply having ultra-high stability. Particularly, the FUTEX's power supplies are contributing to the researchers in the world who create the electron or ion beam source. The power supplies such as ultra-high stability high voltage power supply, power supply for the electron gun, power supply for FIB (Focused Ion Beam) gun, power supply for X-ray tube and power supply of special requirement are provided.

The products have been designed basically as performing ultra-low ripple noise and ultra-high stability under the conditions such as any load or purpose by much experienced engineers in FUTEX.
The scientific instruments or semiconductor instruments use a couple different kinds of high voltage power supply. Specially, in SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), FIB, CD-SEM (Critical Dimension-SEM) and analysis SEM need the high performed high voltage power supply to increase their performance. Because the high performance high voltage power supplies are key issues to increase their performance. So that FUTEX is also the company to contribute the instruments performance.

Power supply for electron gun
Power supply for FIB
Power supply for X-ray tube
High speed high voltage amplifier
Power supply based on custom require
Other products related to power supply
Multipurpose high voltage power supply
High voltage isolated DC-DC convertor

It's specialized in an electron gun and a ion gun high voltage power supply.
Environmentally friendly high voltage power supply with best performance in the world

Equipment of physics and chemistry is produced consistently by the brand of the customer.
FUTEX can design and manufacture the products that are added high value based on the customer's specifications with original bland

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